Location Privacy


November 2011: The Pittsburgh Post Gazette publishes my op-ed on warrantless GPS tracking – See also interview in CMU’s Piper

October – November 2011 – Joined CDT and EFF in amicus brief on warrantless GPS tracking filed with US Supreme Court (full amicus brief can be read here). See also ComputerWorld article and CMU home page coverage

October 2011 – Keynote at Pitney Bowes Mobile Day Symposium

September 2011 – Panelist at Qualcomm’s Contextual Awareness Symposium, San Diego

June 2011 – Mobile Location Privacy: Forces at Play, Attitudes and Challenges, Expert Address, Hong Kong University

April 2011 – EDUCAUSE webinar: Smartphone Privacy and Security: What Should We Teach Users?

March 2011 – Norman asks:’ Can Social Networking and Privacy be Reconciled?', CyLab Seminar

January 2011 – Norman on Data Privacy Day panel at CMU – see Pittsburgh Post Gazette article

January 2011 – Norman on “Privacy, Location and Social Networking” at Digital Privacy Forum (see also C-SPAN video)

October 2010 – Locaccino featured in MIT Technology Review: Locaccino Shows How Facebook Places Should Work

July 2010 – NSF Awards $2.7M Grant for Multi-Disciplinary Privacy Research to Acquisti, Cranor and Sadeh – see also CyLab Press Release

June 2010 – All four of our full-paper submissions to Ubicomp2010 have been accepted for presentation.

May 2010 – Norman invited to speak at Mobile Social Networking Asia

May 2010 – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Startup Zipano sells privacy software to control who can find you

March 2010 – Locaccino mentioned in Wall Street Journal ‘Digits’

February 2010 – Focused Research Awards grant professors $2 million for study*February 2010 Google award for privacy research by Alessandro Acquisti, Lorrie Cranor and Norman Sadeh

March 2009 Locaccino Enables the Watched to Watch the Watchers
by Richard Power, CyBlog

Spring 2009 – New Location Sharing App – Carnegie Mellon University

Fall 2008 – Interview in CyLab Chronicles

April 2007 – Norman speaks at ‘Location Meets Social Networking’ event organized by the Advisory Committee to the Congressional Internet Caucus (see also video)

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